“Right and wrong” scanning guidance for FMD early adopters

The UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy has issued new guidance for FMD early adopters. The presentation will help them train pharmacy teams to recognise the types of packs that will need scanning for verification and authentication, and the features they need to look out for, as well as the types of pack that will not need authentication.

The latter includes the vast majority of existing stock that does not carry the necessary safety features (both a 2D data matrix barcode and an anti-tampering device) – this can continue to be dispensed as normal. Products that are out-of-scope for FMD are also highlighted. These include non-prescription medicines, medical devices and specialist food supplements.

FMD presentation (3) Guide on which packs to scan

The guidance will be updated with new examples of the “right” and “wrong” types as the early adopter programme is extended.

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Pharmacies can now register with SecurMed UK

SecurMed UK opened its registration system for community pharmacies on 31st October 2018.

Each community pharmacy in the UK will need to connect to the SecurMed UK system so that they can comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive. The process of identifying legitimate pharmacies and granting them an account to connect is known as registration or “on-boarding”. This can’t be done until pharmacy contractors have decided which FMD IT system they will be using.

Once pharmacy contractors are ready to register with SecurMed UK they should visit https://www.securmed.org.uk/register/end-user-registration/ to register.