How to get started

The UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy published guidance for pharmacies to help them consider how to implement FMD in January 2018.

The guidance – The Way Forward for FMD in community pharmacy – covers key assumptions about FMD, high level processes for incorporating authentication into existing dispensing workflows, handling stock transition, what IT systems will need to deliver and the implications for patient safety.

Pharmacy teams are advised to read the guidance and then consider the optimal approach for implementing FMD within their pharmacy.

A range of options will be available for pharmacy teams to use, including FMD functionality integrated within the pharmacy’s PMR system and standalone systems. Pharmacy teams can find links to system suppliers on the FMD System Suppliers page.

Issues that pharmacy contractors and their teams need to consider

Things to consider when planning implementation of FMD in your pharmacy include:

  • Updating existing IT systems and associated hardware or installing a new standalone FMD system
  • Getting connected to the verification system (on-boarding) – further details on how this will work are awaited from SecurMed UK
  • Revising workflows and standard operating procedures
  • Training staff
  • Obtaining or creating information materials to explain FMD to patients

Registration of community pharmacies with SecurMed UK (on-boarding)

Each community pharmacy in the UK will need to connect to the UK FMD system being set up by SecurMed UK so that FMD verification scanning and decommissioning can occur.

The process of identifying legitimate pharmacies and granting them an account to connect is known as “registration” (or sometimes as “on-boarding”) and will need to be completed well before 9th February 2019.

SecurMed UK and Arvato are expected to produce guidance on how pharmacies can register in 2018. In order to avoid disruptions during the Christmas and New Year period and to allow time for staff training, the UK FMD Working Group has urged SecurMed UK to produce its guidance as soon as possible and for pharmacy contractors to plan to complete registration by 31st October 2018, wherever possible.